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Online Lectures on Bioinformatics


Multiple sequence alignment


  1. What's the SP-score of the following row in a multipe alignment?
    (assume PAM250-similarity (K,R) = 3 and gapcost=(-12))
  2. Which program allocates more memory, Clustal or MSA?
    go to theory page

  3. Here is a list of Web-Sites containing tools for Multiple-Sequence-Alignments.

    The first link in the list is the MSA-page of our Web-Server at TBI,
    which also provides a visualization of the corresponding Phylogenetic Trees.

    BAliBASE is a database containing (biologically) correct multiple alignments for benchmark tests
    and the evaluation of multiple sequence alignment programs.

    Take the sequences of BAliBASE and align them using different programs.
    Judge and compare the results.

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