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Online Lectures on Bioinformatics


Biological preliminaries


Here is a picture of the protein Hexokinase.

Find out:

  1. What does Hexokinase do?
    (hint: use Swissprot, Genecards, KEGG)

  2. Obtain the sequences of all yeast hexokinase proteins.
    (hint: use Swissprot at expasy)

  3. Obtain the yeast hexokinase A gene.
    (hint: EMBL entry SCHKA , ACcession number X03482 from EBI)

  4. Translate the gene and compare the protein sequence to the swissprot sequences.
    (hint: use ORF Finder at NCBI)

  5. Obtain the genomic DNA of a human hexokinase (AC MMHEXII3 from EBI) and translate it into protein.
    What's the result and why?
    Compare to human protein hexokinase 2.
    (hint: try ORF Finder and GENESCAN (Swissprot -> Proteomics tools...))

    Relevant webpages:

    1. Swissprot at expasy
    2. NCBI (ORF Finder)
    3. EBI
    4. Genecards at DKFZ
    5. KEGG

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Answers to the exercises.

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